Winter storm brings white New Year's Eve

The second winter storm of the season brought with it less havoc than the first, but with it came much colder air. As the snow started falling on New Year's Eve, it quickly fell moderately throughout the day as temperatures rose slightly above freezing. Temperatures quickly fell into the lower teens after midnight. While the National Weather Service issued a Winter Weather Advisory for all of Central Missouri the Boonville Police Department saw few accidents throughout the event. Around three inches of snow fell by Tuesday morning. One accident occurred on the C&R parking, the vehicle sustained minor damage. The second accident occurred near Route B and I-70 at the McDonald's entrance as one vehicle was struck by the other vehicle while attempting to turn left into the entrance. One individual sustained moderate injuries in this accident. Both vehicle sustained heavy damage.  "During the most recent winter storm I think all of the driver's in Boonville did an excellent job.  The traffic seemed lighter than usual because of the school holiday and people staying home. The street department and highway department did a tremendous job of clearing the roadways," Boonville Police Chief Bobby Welliver said. During the New Year's holiday celebrations the Boonville Police made one DWI arrest and one liquor law arrest.   "Our officers stopped many vehicles and it seemed most people were behaving responsibly. I think everyone had a great time in Boonville and the people were very responsible so the night went very well," Welliver said. The Cooper County Sheriff's Department reported a quiet holiday. While it seemed quiet on the roads, that is because many people chose to stay home instead of go out to a party or an event. An event at Cooper's Oak Winery garnered less people than expected. Theresa Krebs, manager of the winery, said the weather played a huge role in the night. She said 50-60 people showed up. The snow finally stopped around midnight and produced upwards of three inches for the area.