A United States Army Helicopter made a landing on the ball field at the New Franklin School Thursday afternoon. It was not landing for a mission of combat but rather a mission to demonstrate the helicopter to the elementary students as they capped off their Red Ribbon Week. "Our actual theme for Red Ribbon Week is 'iTunes out Drugs'. We let the students bring in their ipods and talked about the music industry and famous artists who had careers ruined by drugs," New Franklin Elementary School Counselor Paul Goode said. Goode said they were able to arrange a military helicopter to land for a couple hours as well. He said the helicopter came from Jefferson City from a division of the Army which specializes in showing students what the military does. "Their whole mission is to support local schools in the state of Missouri for their Red Ribbon Weeks for drug awareness and prevention," Goode said. "They have allowed all the students to see the vehicle first hand by getting in the cockpit and asking questions." The students seemed to have a good time as one-by-one they entered the vehicle. Goode or one of the crew chiefs answered questions pertaining to the vehicle. Goode also said that the mechanics shop got to come out and view the engine of the vehicle as well. "There was some good hands-on training," Goode said. He said he was happy that most of the 450 students in the district got to see the vehicle. "It was a great opportunity for our school," Goode said. Many students were able see the vehicle take off around 2:30 p.m.