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News to know
A day after BP agreed to pay heavy fines for the Deepwater Horizon explosion and oil spill, an oil and gas rig in the Gulf of Mexico exploded. At least two crew members are missing, the Coast Guard said, and at least 11 were taken to hospitals for injuries. An oil sheen spread across the waters near the explosion, but the rig was non-producing.
Quote of note
"He had told us that this was a terrorist attack and there were terrorists involved from the start. I told him, my questions, I had a very different recollection of that (earlier account). The clear impression we were given was that the overwhelming amount of evidence was that it arose out of a spontaneous demonstration and it was not a terrorist attack." - U.S. Rep. Peter King of New York, talking to the media after a hearing on Capitol Hill on Friday at which former CIA Director David Petraeus testified about the Benghazi, Libya, attacks.
Hot video: Smuggler swallows 220 diamonds
A man has been charged with trying to smuggle 220 polished diamonds out of South Africa by swallowing them. A body scan at the airport revealed what he was carrying and police administered a laxative to recover the precious goods.

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