Wow, the Truman State men’s basketball team almost beat a Division I team!  The Bulldogs lost by five points to Southeast Missouri State University on Monday evening.  SEMO certainly isn’t one of the top teams in Division I basketball but it is still a major accomplishment in my opinion for the Truman State men’s basketball team and I find myself getting really excited for the upcoming season.  The women’s basketball team played very well against a good Missouri State team as well on Sunday so it looks like it could be a great year for both programs.  Actually, I think the level of basketball in this area over the next five months or so is going to be outstanding and I for one am looking forward to some outstanding basketball from both Truman teams and the Kirksville High School girls basketball team should also be very good as well as they continue to build on last year’s excellent campaign. 

Not that anyone noticed or particularly cares but the NHL lockout continues with more and more games being canceled.  No, it’s not a strike, it’s a lockout.  Will someone please explain to me why any league’s owners would engage in a lockout.  The NFL had done it, the NBA has done it, and Major League Baseball has done it.  Who precisely benefits from a lockout?  The owners?  The players don’t, the fans certainly don’t, so who exactly does this lockout benfit?  If it is the owners then that is the silliest thing I ever heard.  The owners might tell you that they are doing it because they are losing too much money and because players salaries are too high.  How did players salaries get too high?  Answer: the owners paid them too much money.  Is a player in any sport worth 100 million dollars?  He is if someone is stupid enough to pay it.  Owners lock players out in an effort to try and fix a situation the owners themselves created.  If the Kirksville Daily Express offers me a million dollars a year to write this blog and I take it whose fault is that?  I say it’s theirs because they were the ones who offered me one million dollars a year to write this blog.  If they were to do that then doesn’t it stand to reason that the other people who write blogs for the Daily Express are going to want at least that much.  Maybe they think their blog is better than mine and want more than I’m getting and the Daily Express agrees to pay them more thus having some of us making more to write blogs than other are making.  That’s a situation which the Daily Express created and they are the ones who have to deal with it.  The problem is that in time you have an unmanageable situation and there is more money going out than money coming in.  However, if the solution is to simply lock the players out as the owners have done they have only added another dimension to the problem.  Eventually they have to let the players back in and althougha few changes may be made in the overall schem of things the same problems on the same level exist.  I don’t have a solution to this problem but I do know that lockouts do not help anyone and only hurt the fans. 

By the way, any chance of the Kirksville Daily Express paying me a million dollars a year to write this blog?  Yeah, that’s what I thought. 

We’ll be back on Friday with a look ahead to this weekend’s sports action unless I decide to go on strike.  Don’t forget to check out they other blogs on this site as well.  They aren’t getting paid either are they?

Have a great Wednesday!