Tyler Drew and Eric Warren get the hat trick

The Boonville Pirates soccer team pulled off to firsts last night at home against the Montgomery County Wildcats.
While scoring a team-high 12 goals in a 12-3 win over Montgomery County, the Pirates also had two players pick up a hat trick as sophomore Tyler Drew scored five goals while senior Eric Warren had three goals. Drew also had four assists on the night.
Boonville Pirates soccer coach Tim Brown said his team scored a bunch of goals, but it really wasn't that pretty.
"Now, we just need to learn to do it the right way against much stingier defense (the right way would be working the ball up the field as a team rather than a series of fifty-yard breakaways, which were about half of our goals in this match), and we need to stop giving away the easy goals (we have conceded a goal within the first three minutes of play in FIVE of our nine matches...that MUST change if we ever want to defeat a strong team)," Brown said. "Sophomore forward Tyler Drew had, statistically speaking, the single most impressive match in Boonville High School soccer history: he scored five goals and had four assists."
What is even more amazing is that sophomore Tyler Drew scored five goals, four of those came in the first half.
But even then the Pirates found themselves trailing in the match after Montgomery County scored at the 3 minute mark to go up 1-0.
However it was pretty much all Boonville after that when Warren scored the first of three goals at the 7 minute mark on an assist from Isaac Hinkle to tie the match at 1-all.
Drew then scored the next-two goals at the 10 and 11 minute mark on an assist from Cody Painter and Nathan Green to make it 2-1.
The Pirates were off and running after that when senior Josh Vollmer scored Boonville's third goal at the 16 minute mark on an assist from Drew.
Montgomery County added another goal at the 22 minute mark to cut the lead to one at 3-2.
Then, at the 40 minute mark, the Pirates scored three more goals on an assist from Warren to Drew, on an assist from Painter to Drew and another goal by Drew to extend the lead to 6-2 at the half.
Of course the second half started pretty much like the first half with Montgomery County picking up a goal at the 49 minute mark.
However, after Warren scored back-to-back goals at the 53 and 54 minute mark on assists from Drew to make it 8-3, Hinkle came back with his first goal of the match on an assist from Drew to go up 9-3. Braden Adams then got into the act with his first goal of the game at the 72 minute mark on an assist from Painter. Then, at the 80 minute mark, Drew and sophomore Nolan Shikles both picked up goals to closeout the scoring.
Boonville finished the match with 23 shots on goal and 40 shot attempts while Montgomery County had five shots on goal and 15 shot attempts.
Junior goal Nathan Green also had two saves in the match for the Pirates, who improved to 3-6 overall.