Dion Baker, after twenty-nine years serving the Boonville Community at Dave's County Market, has now taken an opportunity to continue serving Boonville as an Assistant Manger at C&R in Boonville.

Dion was the Store Manger at Dave's Country Market since 2009 and previous to that was the Assistant Manager. He recently sat down with the Boonville Daily News and had this to say.

Daily News: What are your thoughts on your twently-nine years at Dave's Country Market?

Baker: I had a lot of good relationships with customers and it was a really fun place to work, it always felt like working with family there.

Daily News: What made you decide to come work here at C&R in Boonville?

Baker: I worked with Adam, the C&R Store Manager, and many other current C&R staff over my tenure at Dave's Country Market. Working here at C&R with many of my other former colleagues will give all of us a chance to continue to serve this great community. When people shop at C&R they are supporting the local community because I know C&R, being a independent mid-Missouri owned grocery store, are dedicated to giving back to the community they serve; but probably one of the biggest reasons is I have always enjoyed providing exceptional service to families here in Boonville and the surrounding communities and I look forward to being able to continue doing so. So please come out and see myself and many of the other former Dave's County Market Staff here at C&R.

As mentioned by Dion, there are nine new C&R staff who made the transition from Dave's Country Market to C&R. Dion Baker, Bo Webster, Rodney Huckabey, Henry Jackson, Kyle Webster, Tyler Eaton, Judy Shields, Rick Zimmerman and Evan Friedrich.

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