Tonight's Missouri River Festival of the Arts performance at Thespian Hall will feature Beatle's tribute band, Flaming Pie.

Prior to yesterday's concert kickoff at Boonville's Thespian Hall for the 37th annual Missouri River Festival of the Arts, the artwork of Columbia painter, Richard Dutton, was on display at the Hain House. Both watercolors and oil-based works hung from the walls and Dutton was on hand to greet visitors.

"Just as with reading what someone has written, everyone interprets painting differently as they stand in front of an original," he said.

The artist explained his creative process, from the planning stage to the actual creation of the various pieces. Landscapes, locomotives and abstracts are all featured. Dutton's work will be on display prior to the remaining two concerts for the Arts Festival.

"The colors of pop out of the frames so intensely, it's like staring at something real that you might be looking at outdoors," said Jarrid Barber of Columbia.

An online photo gallery of Dutton's Hain House display is currently available under our homepage photo gallery heading.

Beginning at 7:30 p.m. yesterday, internationally-renowned concert pianist, Grace Fong, performed alongside and took the stage with concertmaster of the Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra, David Halen. Helen Kim, Heidi Harris, Grace Park, Golden Boyer, Erik Harris and Jacob Braun also performed.

Fong will again be performing on Saturday evening with the Missouri River Festival Chamber Orchestra. A video of the musician from yesterday's concert can be viewed in our video section.

Tonight's "Bach to the Beatles" performance, scheduled for 7:30 p.m., will feature the Beatle's tribute band, Flaming Pie. David Halen is slated to perform with the group.

Saturday's Chamber Orchestra performance includes a rendition of Mozart's Symphony #29, Mozart's Piano Concerto and Vivaldi.

For ticket purchases or other information, please contact Friends of Historic Boonville at 666-882-7977.