No matter who is elected, the hand that grasps will squeeze tighter and we'll continue on with our daily medicated doses of propagandized garbage. The only way to fix the system is to find a way to navigate around it.

This is no manifesto, no constitution, no declaration and no charter. But it is a set of observations. I vocalize my opinions, much to the torture of the establishment that will never see what I write. A limited number may, but it matters not. At the end of your work days, you'll turn on your corporately controlled informational fantasies and appreciate the hard acting of the anchors. They win awards for reporting. I don't. Pay attention to them. Pay attention to the fact that all available broadcasts will run the same series of stories, in the same order, day after day. Exceptions exist, but only through issues of non-substance. A shade of charcoal difference between burger-joints is all that sits. As the seasons are getting ready to flip, the same applies to our political seasoning, pun intended.

The two or three cold mornings we've had signal a move to autumn. A scientist has confirmed this for me. The air you can taste and the tiny cracks of broken leaves underfoot will signal November. And November signals a new puppet. President Obama will lead us either to President Obama's lame-duck years of fun, or Mitt Romney's four-year attempt to seek his own lame-duck years of fun. Here in reality, do we actually think these gentlemen don't work for someone else? Why is it that each of our Presidents continues the policies of the last?

Somehow, FOX combats mainstream media bias, even though, statistically, they are the mainstream. CNN combats FOX, and ABC, CBS and NBC all battle nationally for your attention at 5:30 p.m. – or is it 5:00? I ceased my news-watching activities long ago, so I couldn't tell you. Here's how the media works. None of you actually know this. Your politicians do, your vast media conglomerates certainly do, your generals do, your religious figure-heads do, your bankers do, a few professors that dot the sphere of academia do, and I do. And a few other people.

Time Warner, Walt Disney, Viacom, News Corporation, NBC Universal and CBS Corporation control every single collection of sound bites or print you consume. They own every record label, every TV station and every web-provider that imprints you with every access. I remember – in my first or second column I mentioned Marxism, in its relation to media analysis. In such a scenario, the product of media is not media. The product of media is you and me. In numbers, we are sold to the highest advertising bidder as a commodity. Cholesterol, depression, impotence – all words associated with the same drug companies that convey their message of salvation – all are words, along with any number of other conditions, that are solvable with a healthy diet. But, clearly, it's the desire of both our chosen and unchosen elite to keep us sick. Why invest billions in yearly advertising on a healthy meal? There's no money in that. No, I'm not a Marxist.

But if we think at all that these mega-conglomerates care only about money, our future would be something to smile at. Control, though, is the word of the day. This is not about the rise and decline of empire or the exportation of culture. This is a designed system which was meant to be controlled. And there's no way out. Unless, collectively, we refuse to acknowledge and don't vote for either of the two ponies. Buck the system that wants to see our children in a perpetual diseased-state for the benefit of a few. Find someone worthy of a vote. Do not pick the lesser of two evils. Do something brave.

I don't have the answer – but I do know where it won't be found. If you vote for a Romney or an Obama, you'll be playing into the hands that feed you. If we vote for these people and play their game, we are sentencing our children to a future of control, of anti-freedom, of techno-humanism. Do not vote for a single person that is being actively promoted. Not until the media establishment that propaganidizes us with issues of unimportance are brought to their knees, along with the political establishment that divides us for the sake of giving us the illusion of choice – and not until everyone wakes up from their preservative and media-induced hypnosis – will I pay attention to anything any of our dear leaders say. Demonstrably, these guys are selected.

I'm not opposed to voting and I'm not opposed to choice, but let's all agree that we have only the illusion of such. The media provides us with their selectees and it matters not who wins. The standing winner is still a selectee. When was the last time you heard CBS or CNN or FOX mention the derivatives bubble that not only our country is facing, but the entire world? What's a derivative, you ask? Exactly. Compartmentalization is the word of the day.