Public Works Director M.L. Cauthon said dump trucks are working pretty well on the street but smaller vehicles have returned to the offices because of the blowing snow.

Boonville Public Works Director M.L. Cauthon said the blowing snow came earlier than he had anticipated and has decreased visibility to the point where city employees driving smaller trucks returned to the offices Tuesday afternoon.

He said employees informed him that the roads are all but deserted, making it easier to work. He said there are also no businesses open.

"Things are deteriorating," Cauthon said. "Not only has the snow fall been steady and heavy but the blowing has picked up."

Still, he described his vehicles as operating well. Employees driving dump trucks continued to work around  2:45 p.m. Tuesday. There have been no accidents reported in the city.

A few residents with cabin fever left their house earlier today to pay their water bills and drop off piles of limbs to the city. Cauthon said.

Boonville Police Chief Jim Gholson said the department has not received many calls or had to respond to any crimes.

Employees have had to assist a few cars get out of snow drifts. Four vehicles were stopped on a ramp from Interstate 70 onto Highway 5 because a semi-truck was blocking the road. Gholson said officers were responding to the scene to help drivers move around the truck.