The Missouri Department of Transporation closed the highway because of visibility issues.

The conditions along Interstate 70 were continuing to deteriorate to the point where state officials decided to close the highway for most of the state on Tuesday, said Jack Wang, spokesperson for the Missouri Department of Transportation.

The closure covers i-70 from Route A in metropolitan St. Louis to Kansas City.

Wang did not give a time when the highway might reopen. He said it depended on how quickly crews are able to clear the road once conditions allow.

"We understand it's a major corridor in terms of truck traffic," Wang said. "In terms of the time line it's all going to depend on mother nature."

Sgt. Paul Reinsch of the Missouri State Highway Patrol said the agency had not responded to many accidents with injuries since the storm began in Cooper or Howard Counties.

'We're going to do our best to make sure if anyone slips off the road, we can respond as quickly as possible, particularly if there are small children or elderly in the car," Reinsch said.