Here’s a look at his world records and some of Bob Hayes' major track accomplishments.


Eleven years in the NFL gave Bob Hayes enough time to carve out a Hall of Fame career as a wide receiver. But he needed just a four-year college track career to set world records in several events and become a two-time Olympic gold medalist.

Here’s a look at his world records and some of his major track accomplishments:



100 yards    9.1, 1963

100 meters    10.0, 1964, ties world record

200 meters    20.5, 1963, ties world record

400-meter relay    39.00, 1964


60 meters    5.9, 1964

70 meters    6.9, 1963

NOTES  Bob Hayes’ 100-yard dash record stood until Ivory Crockett broke it in 1974 by running a 9.0


Olympic    100-meter dash and 400-meter relay, 1964

U.S. nationals    100 yards, 1962-63, 100 meters 1964

NAIA    100 and 220 yards, 1961; 100 meters, 1964

Borrowed shoe leads to gold

To win gold in the 100 meters at Tokyo in 1964, Bob Hayes needed a big assist from a teammate — a left shoe.

Joe Frazier — yes, that Joe Frazier — accidentally kicked Hayes’ left shoe under a bed when he visited Hayes and roommate Ralph Boston earlier in the day.

Frazier, trying to ease his own nerves before an Olympic boxing match, was shadowboxing and looking for gum. He got some gum from Hayes’ gym bag and didn’t notice that he’d knocked a shoe out of the bag and under the bed. Hayes didn’t find out he was missing a shoe until he arrived at the track and was getting ready under the stands.

American half-miler Tommy Farrell saw Hayes in a panic and gave him his left shoe. They both wore size 8, and Farrell even wore the same make of shoe as Hayes, the Adidas 100.

“I just thanked God, put on Tommy’s shoe and got ready to run,” Hayes wrote in his 1990 autobiography.

Fast day on the track

When Bob Hayes delivered his remarkable anchor leg to win the 400-meter relay, it provided the exclamation point to perhaps the fastest relay race ever.

Seven of the eight countries broke or tied the Olympic record that day. The U.S. shattered the world record by half a second with a 39.00.

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