The Prairie Home boys and girls junior high basketball teams dropped a pair of games on the road Friday night against Linn.
While the Lady Panthers fell to Linn 40-24, the Prairie Home boys also took it on the chin by a score of 51-16.
The Prairie Home girls, dropping to 3-4 on the season, trailed Linn 12-2 after first period’s end before rallying back with a 13-9 advantage in the second quarter to cut the lead back to six at 21-15. Meanwhile, in the third quarter, the Lady Panthers outscored Linn again 9-3 to tie the game at 24-all. However in the final period, Linn came back and outscored Prairie Home 16-2 to win the game by 16.
Prairie Home coach Mark McLaughlin said the girls went into an environment where they faced a “complete” junior high team. “Down 21-2, we put on a “blitz” to narrow the score to 21-15, and were tied at 24 at the end of three,” McLaughlin said. “Fatigue took over, and they pulled away. Madison performed exceptionally well but her teammates all held the line, kept fighting, did a lot of things that don’t show up in the stats. Twenty-two overall team deflections were a tremendous disruption for Linn and everyone had a piece of that.”
Aushara Hostetler had the team-high for Linn with 16 points.
For Prairie Home, Madison Brown scored all 24 of the team’s points while pulling down five rebounds and five steals.
Kelcy Mullett finished the game with five rebounds while Kamden Holliday added four rebounds and Aubree Hedgpath with two rebounds.
As for the Prairie Home boys, they trailed Linn 22-2 after first period’s end and 40-3 at the half. Meanwhile, in the second half, Linn outscored Prairie Home 15-13.
Prairie Home coach Mark McLaughlin said the boys lost to a very physically big, mature, fast team of young mean really ready for high school. “It was tough to compete against that, but as they moved down their bench, we found a level to compete at,” McLaughlin said. “It’s tough stepping up in competition against a program like Linns. They are athletic and highly competitive.”
Tripp Kendrick had the team high for Prairie Home, who fell to 1-5 on the season, with seven points along with five rebounds and two steals.
Grant Milne finished the game with six points, three rebounds and two steals while Layne Brandes added two points, five steals and two rebounds, Landon Case two points and one steal, Dakota Kuester one point, three rebounds and two steals and Preston Scheidt with one point and one steal.