The LSE Lady Pirates volleyball team dropped a pair of games Thursday night on the road against the California Pintos by the scores of 17-25 and 19-25.
LSE Lady Pirates coach Jessica Luscombe said the emotions were high against California with it being their last game before high school. “I hope to see them all go on and play,” Luscombe said. “They were so much fun this season and always eager to learn more and get better. They all improved so much over the season. All of these girls have bright futures ahead of them in high school. I can’t wait to see where it takes them.”
Kaitlyn Elliott was the leader for the Lady Pirates with 23 digs.
Faith Mesik finished the match with 10 digs and four service points while Nora Morris added seven service points and five digs, Rayghan Skoufos with nine service points and one dig, Hope Mesik with six digs and two service points, Jenna McKee with two service points and one dig, Kadison Hammers with two digs, Kyleigh Thacker with one service point and one attack, Deana Hendren with two service points and Kylee Johnston with one dig.
In the seventh grade match, Marshall defeated LSE in two straight sets 13-25 and 12-25.
Coach Luscombe said the girls didn’t play badly against Marshall, they just didn’t win the big points. “The girls didn’t give up,” Luscombe said. “I’m so proud of the improvement the girls have made this season. We went from barely being able to get underhand serves over to everyone being able to get overhand serves over. I hope the girls continue to be interested and excited about volleyball.”
Ava Parman led the Lady Pirates with six digs along with five service points and one assist.
Ashlen Homan finished the match with six digs, four service points and one kill while Kinley Fox added three digs, three service points and one ace, Kasie Northern with three digs and three service points, Genae Hodge with five digs and one assist, Molly Schuster with four digs, Lashala Korte with three digs and one kill, Alyssa Gross with two digs and two service points, Heather Hall with two service points and one dig and Addison Ward with two digs.