The LSE Lady Pirates volleyball team defeated Marshall in three sets Thursday night in Boonville by the scores of 25-23, 23-25 and 15-5.
LSE assistant volleyball coach Jessica Luscombe said the girls carried over their excitement and play from the Mexico match, which led to a win. “I am very proud of the way the girls played,” Luscombe said. “They are really getting comfortable and understanding the roation. We moved our feet good and did a lot better on getting a pass, set and hit. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the season has in store for us.”
Faith Mesik led the Lady Pirates with 28 digs and 11 points on serve.
Nora Morris finished the match with 16 digs and eight points on serve with four aces while Rayghan Skoufos added 13 digs and 12 service points with one ace, Kaitlyn Elliott with 16 digs, Hope Mesik with eight service points and seven digs, Kyleigh Thacker with three digs and three service points, Jeanna McKee with three digs and one service point, Kadison Hammers and Kylee Johnson each with three digs and Deana Henderson with two service points and one dig.
LSE also won the B-team match against Marshall in two straight 25-16 and 25-17.
Luscombe said the girls kept the excitement and momentum going into the B game. “This was a new rotation for them and they handled it well and got the job done,” Luscombe said. “Serves were a really big part of both wins tonight. I have a lot of confidence in them going on in the season.”
Hope Mesik had 13 service points with one ace along with seven digs for LSE’s B-team.
Maddison Henderson finished the match with 12 digs and six service points while Kylee Johnson added five digs and four service points with one ace, Kadison Hammers with five digs and three service points with one ace, Ella Kearns with six digs, Jeanna Mckee with four service points with one ace and one dig, Deana Henderson with three service points and two digs and Kyleigh Thacker with one dig.