The team of Kile Kluck, Zach Smith, Philip Rapp and Joe Holtslcaw carded a 18-hole score of 52 to capture first in the annual Heritage Days Golf Tournament Friday at Hail Ridge Golf Course in Boonville.
By finishing 19 under for the tournament, the foursome edged the team of  VanderLinden, Lorenz, Simmons and Horst, which finished second in championship flight with a 17-under par 54.
The team of Lowe, Miller and Skofous, meanwhile, placed third with a 12-under par 59.
In A-flight, the team of Einspahr, Dilse, Ivy and Dodson finished first with a 6-under par 65.
The team of Lang, Cummins, Rybak and LeBoube, meanwhile, finished second in A-flight with a 5-under par 66 while the team of Quinlan, Quinlan, Fisher and Shadwick placed third with a 4-under par 67.
Note: Results of the Gene Reagan Scholarship Tournament, which was held on Saturday, will run in Wednesday’s edition of the Boonville Daily News.