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By Sharon Chiang
Sharon wants to write about a wide range of issues but mostly relating to society/culture, parenting, homemaking, humor, pets, schooling, music, humor, books, relationships (Dr. Abby wannabe) humor . . . did I mention humor? Bio: I am “retired” now after working so many different jobs since I was 16. I’ve not met many people who have had such an eclectic work history as I have had. Factory work of different kinds, farming, nursing, owning a motel, driving buses both school and transit, an artisan in a collectable basket business, office work, church office, lead teacher and assistant director in a child care center, teacher substitute and school nurse substitute and a para professional in public schools. Sunday school teacher and ministry team that traveled to other churches in other states and Canada. I belong to the Risen Son Riders, the Devils Lake Chapter of the Christian Motorcycle Association (CMA). And I am a bird watcher - love to see the birds!

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