SHROUD ENCOUNTER will be coming to St Joseph Catholic Church at 407 Harris St. in Pilot Grove, MO on Saturday, March 24 at 5:00 PM following the 4:00 PM Mass.  A free will offering will be taken, soup and sandwiches will be served afterwards.  A museum quality life-size replica will be on display.
Shroud Encounter is a production of the Shroud of Turin Education Project, Inc. and will be presented by international expert Russ Breault. The presentation is a fast moving, big-screen experience using over 200 images covering all aspects of Shroud research.
Mr. Breault has been featured in several national documentaries seen on CBS, History Channel EWTN and Discovery.  He has been interviewed for Good Morning America and ABC World News Tonight and was a consultant for CNN’s Finding Jesus series. He has presented at numerous colleges and universities including Duke, West Point, Johns Hopkins, Penn State and many others. See for more info.
The Shroud of Turin is the most analyzed artifact in the world yet remains a mystery. The 14-foot long linen cloth that has been in Turin, Italy for over 400 years and bears the faint front and back image of a 5'10" bearded, crucified man with apparent wounds and bloodstains that match the crucifixion account as recorded in the bible. Millions of people over the centuries have believed it be the actual burial shroud of Jesus. The historical trail tracks back through Italy, France, Asia Minor (Turkey) and may have originated in the Middle East according to botanical evidence.
A team of nearly 40 scientists in 1981 concluded it was not the work of an artist. They found no visible trace of paint, pigment, dye or other artistic