It is truly work that is done with love. In fact, no monetary reimbursement can confidently outweigh the ministry that Frankie and Teresa Graham are continuing at the Harvest House.

The doors opened for the Grahams to officially become the resident managers of the home in May. For them, it was a prayer answered – and a continuing vision to do God’s will in their lives.

“It has been my passion for years. I worked for the last 50 years of my life. Now, I want to give back for the next 50 ( or as long as he can),” Graham said.

Graham said he has been on both sides of the coin, homeless and rich.

The mission of the Harvest House goes beyond providing shelter and food. It is a place where those needing a new start, can have it. Several programs are offered that get people back on their feet in programs that can range as long as 120 days or a year.

The Grahams are very thankful for the Boonville community. Whenever they need anything, someone always pulls through. In addition, the Harvest House has formed relationships with area businesses and organizations that pool their resources together to help those in need. Businesses will call the home to see if they have people that need a job.

“Everyone circles the wagon to help us,” Graham said.

This help has contributed to many success stories. These stories have contributed to the reason why the Grahams and managers before them, do what they do.

“Back in May, I got a phone call. This lady was crying over the phone so much, I could hardly understand her. I finally got her to calm down to tell me where she was at. She wanted to get away from the drama. She came and was working a couple other jobs before transitioning to one job,” Graham said.

After much growth, the Grahams grew attached to her.

“You would ask her to do anything and she would do it. She was very thankful,” she added.

After a sad goodbye the Grahams have been in contact with her almost every day. It is these stories that the Grahams live for.

The Harvest House continues to add programs. To learn more about these programs and current programs – or if your organization can team up with the Harvest House, join them at an open house on Sunday between 2-4 p.m. Also, learn about the new prison ministry the home is taking part with as well.