Continuing the same traditions long after Kemper Military School lowered the flag on campus in 2002, the Kemper Alumni Association gathers each year in Boonville to celebrate the school’s history, heritage and honor. It was this past weekend that many traveled from across the country to remember and celebrate the school that changed many lives.

On Friday, several alumni gathered to honor Professor F.T. Kemper at his resting place at Walnut Grove Cemetery. While this tradition was completed each year when Kemper was in session, it has been in the last couple years that it was resurrected by Kemper Alumni President Douglas Humpherey.   

“I want us to honor Mr. Kemper because if he had not done what he did, there would be no Kemper Military School,” he said.

A meet and greet was held that night at the Library Learning Center on the Kemper Campus. Each year, the small gathering allows ‘Old Boys’ to visit and reminisce. This year was no different as several showed up for a small dinner and a greeting session that lasted for hours.

On Saturday, a Standard of Honor Ceremony, was held before a new Kemper flag was raised above the campus. A wreath was then placed on the former spot of the Kemper Administration Building.

On Saturday evening, the alumni heard from Old Boy Missouri State Representative, Dan Houx, who delivered a speech and a resolution from the General Assembly.

The alumni also presented awards to former Kemper graduates who have gone beyond their line of duty. One Kemper alumni, Bill Willit, left his home in Colorado to help Kemper alumni and individuals affected by Hurricane Harvey. Willit took his own supplies and his boat to assist in the effort.