BOONVILLE – A 30 year old man was transported to the University Hospital in Columbia after being hit from a vehicle.
On Tuesday at approximately 7:30 p.m., a 30 year old male from Malta Bend, ran into the path of a vehicle that was traveling north on Main Street near Sonic. The man was intoxicated at the time he was struck by the vehicle. He suffered severe head, arm and leg trauma. He was transported to Missouri University for medical treatment. As of Thursday, the Missouri University staff would not release his medical condition.
The driver of the truck that struck the pedestrian reported the male came running out into the road and she could not stop in time. No charges are being filed for the driver of the truck. The driver appeared shaken up but reported no injuries.
A witness reported the male appeared to have run into traffic on purpose after being in a verbal argument with a female who was standing on the opposite side of the roadway. End of News release.