Students and faculty at Boonville High School are wanting to help students in the ravaged areas of Texas get back to some sort of normality, especially for their Homecoming. With help from the community, this endeavor is kicking off now.

“We have been given an amazing opportunity to share some of our small town Missouri love with a high school in need in Richmond, Texas,” a release from Boonville High School stated. “Richmond (a suburb of Houston), along with Travis High School, were hit hard by Hurricane Harvey. The flooding has caused many people to lose everything and school to be canceled for a few weeks. This, in turn, has caused them to have to postpone their Homecoming until October 21. We would like to make their Homecoming one to remember.”

While Harvey ravaged the area weeks ago, people from all over the nation have been assisting with the primary needs of the communities.

“Many of the students of this large school come from low income families who are still struggling to replace their bare necessities, let alone semi-formal attire for their Homecoming,” the release stated. That's where we come in....We are collecting gently used dresses, shoes, accessories and new makeup items for the girls, and dress shoes, pants, shirts, ties, and belts for the boys. Size and style do not matter, as long as they are gently used.”

With Boonville’s Homecoming just completed, the hope is to help share that excitement with the students in Texas.

“We just had a fantastic Homecoming in Boonville and would like to continue that spirit of togetherness as we attempt to cheer up a high school in desperate need of a blessing,” the release stated.

Donations are going to be taken at the Boonville High School Friday night football game this evening.

“People may bring any semi-formal clothing (for boys and/or girls), shoes, accessories, etc as well as cash (to be spent on additional clothing items and shipping) to the football game Our community is always so amazing at supporting kids.  We are hopeful that they will come support our Boonville Pirates Football Team (as we honor our Veterans during our Honor Flight game) and help us support teenagers recovering from the tragedy in Texas,” a release stated.   

Items may also be dropped off at the Boonville High School office between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m., the superintendent’s office at 736 Main Street, or Saints Peter and Paul Catholic Church until October 1.

“At that time, we will ship any items collected. If you would like to help, but have no items to give, we will also be collecting money to help pay for the shipping,” the release stated.

Contact Heather Duncan at or Theresa Krebs at for more information. You may also call the Boonville High School at 660-882-7426.