Boonslick Heartland YMCA Executive Director Matt Schneringer updated the Boonville City Council on progress it has made during the summer and what it continues to do to help the community.

The YMCA is now offering a day care program. Following the paths of other YMCAs ,Schneringer felt it was necessary to pursue this path. With the former Stepping Stones Day Care for sale, the YMCA purchased it for their daycare endeavor.

To continue helping the youth, Schneringer said the YMCA Summer Youth Program did much better than expected. The program allowed the youth to participate in fun activities during the entire summer.

“This summer marked a turning point for us. We served 204 different kids. Everyday we averaged over 90 kids,” Schneringer said.

This number is up from 60-70 last year, which shows an increase of about 30 percent.

“This was a significant jump especially when you weren’t expecting it,” he added.

In addition, Schneringer said the YMCA has expanded programs in Howard County.

“Things are going very well,” Schneringer ended.