The City of Boonville recently received a clean bill of financial health during an audit by Gerding, Korte and Chitwood.

Auditor Jeff Chitwood explained that the audit opinion is an unmodified opinion, which is the best opinion that an organization can receive in an audit.

“Chitwood pointed out the Balance Sheet of the audit. He explained that the total for the Governmental Fund is $l.2 million and the total expenditures are $1.7 million. That is a 96 percent fund equity, which is excellent. Chitwood stated that the City is in good financial standing for the government funds and he praised city staff for their hard work,” according to minutes from the city.

In past years, the city has received recommendations to compliance and internal control, which includes roles that each official carries out.

“Chitwood explained that with the material audited, the auditors did not identify any deficiencies in internal control that they consider to be material weaknesses,” according to minutes.

Boonville City Administrator Irl Tessendorf was happy with the findings, which signified a step in the the right direction for continued financial prosperity.