Loaded with water, blankets, hygiene products and most importantly prayer, Greg McDowell, of the Santa Fe Baptist Church in Boonville, left yesterday to Houston to help bring hope to the victims of Hurricane Harvey.

With a 12-14 hour drive ahead of him, McDowell was ready as he embarked right after 9 a.m. Wednesday morning to spend a week helping victims get their houses back in working order.

“We will be removing carpet, furniture and drywall out of the homes that got flooded so they can start putting it back,” McDowell said.

In addition, he will be distributing the supplies that were collected at the church during the week up to his departure.

“The response from this community was amazing. This is one of the reasons I really like Boonville, they help those in need. Local businesses donated as well, which included toothbrushes from local dentist offices, and financial donations too.

McDowell plans to stay seven days, but he is keeping that open to negotiations.

“If God wants me to stay longer, I will,” he said.

Accommodations for McDowell will be also provided by a church.

“Second Baptist Church in Houston, is organizing this whole thing. I chose them for help because I knew that everything will go back into the community; there is no overhead,” McDowell added. “This is the whole idea of the church, is to reach out and serve the community.”

McDowell has asked for continued prayers for those impacted by the hurricanes that have ravaged the south.