Parking hundreds, perhaps thousands of vehicles can be a chore. At the Missouri River Valley Steam Engine Association Show, parking vehicles at the event has gone without a hitch in spite of past years of torrential rain, hot temperatures or even cold weather.

The professionals behind this labor usually don’t get much recognition. But, for the Pilot Grove FFA, this chore has been a time honored tradition that began long before the current volunteers were event born.

Pilot Grove FFA Advisor Gene Kuster has been bringing students out to the show long before it was located at Brady Showgrounds. Some may remember when the annual event was held at the Cooper County Youth Fairgrounds, a place that held the show for decades.

This is one way Kuster gets his members involved in area communities. Volunteers get to spend the day outside rather than in school and for many, that is okay. They enjoy the atmosphere and being out helping others.

Beyond parking, the members also greet people as they enter – taking money and giving them information on the current show.

Many members, like Leon Andres who enjoys it a great deal, have been volunteering each year. While this year has been perfect as far as weather, Andres remembers last year’s rain, which drenched the grounds so much that nothing was safe from getting stuck.

See more photos from the show on page 2. The show began on Thursday and ended on Sunday.