Cooper County Consolidated Public Water Supply District No. 1  has increased water rates slightly in their service area.

“The board of directors continue to work hard to provide our customer, the best quality and quantity of water possible, along with good service. With the passing of the $5,000,000 bond in April of this year, the board has been exploring several possibilities of financing and where and when they will start with the major improvements,” a letter from the district stated.

The district just completed a water rate study in June. After finding out an increase was needed, the district opted for a method to keep the burden light on its customers.

“It was decided it would be better to have small increases over a few years rather than one large increase at one time for financing the bond and to also stay in the black. In 2014, the District had an eight percent rate increase which was the first rate increase since 2006. There was another four percent rate increase in 2016 and the rates of water purchased from the City of Boonville increase each year,” according to the district letter.

The district receives approximately 53 percent of its water from the City of Boonville and approximately 47 percent comes from the Martinsville well, which is located off of HWY 135. “The Board has tried very hard to keep the rates down as much as possible due to prudent and cost effective management of the District,” the district stated.