In just over six months, the city has had a wide range of code violations it has dealt with, including ones that have been or will be prosecuted.

Over the last several years the City of Boonville has taken code enforcement very seriously, especially when it has come to derelict or dangerous buildings. Recently, the city council had the opportunity to see what progress the city had made in these areas since making Boonville a more desirable city has been a forefront topic for years.

The city has been focusing on holding landlord/owners accountable for breaking ordinances passed by the council.

From weeds and debris to dangerous buildings, this list looks at the magnitude of cases that has passed through the city this year thus far.

The city has dealt with 242 weed and debris cases throughout this period too. Fortunately, 215 of those cases became compliant, which left 22 the city had to abate. One of these was sent to Boonville City Planner Charissa Mayes for a closer look.

While many of these cases are one time offenders, documentation from the city, states that four of these cases are repeat violators. In these cases, the city would provide the mowing services and bill the owner for the services rendered.

Of the 99 derelict vehicle cases, 91 have been closed while four are still pending a first inspection date. Mayes has taken four of these cases.

The city dealt with 12 public nuisance issues, which included issues with trash cans being left out, dead trees, broken windows, sidewalk obstruction, lawn clippings and a dead animal carcass.  

It was also reported that out of the 38 cases for fats oils and grease (FOG) issues, 26 passed. Twelve locations are pending inspections in October.

According to the latest report, there are 26 property maintenance cases. Twenty-one of these cases have presented plans to the city, but five have been sent to Mayes.