Boonville native Skye Dee 'Dede' Miles has been in the Las Vegas show industry for 10 years. Miles has been using her gifted voice to further her career, which has taken off in a world full of immense competition. 
“I've been blessed to showcase my gifts and talents for three years in one of the most beautiful rooms in Las Vegas. I'm not finished with Las Vegas. I’m working on my own Skye Diva Show that will embrace Vintage Vegas Vintage Harlem and the Vintage Pink Slipper (Boonville) with music from all genres,” Miles stated.
It is for her talent that she is up for the Best of Las Vegas Lounge Act. Yet, with all the glamour of show business, she has not forgotten her roots.
She still remembers being a child and dreaming of her future, a bright future full of the glamour of a musical  featuring the best of show business.
“Growing up I spent many nights looking up at the stars and dreaming of singing in a big way,” Miles stated.
Miles went on to pursue her dream. She will tell you, the road has been a tough one.
“I’m not all the way there yet but the stops on the way have been a blast! There is more rejection in this business than acceptance so anytime I can get a nomination or honorable mention it makes the pain of rejection feel a little less painful.  It looks glamorous but glamour comes with some bruises…thank God for the makeup of success,” Miles stated.
While she has sang in some of the smallest and largest venues in Las Vegas she has not forgotten about this midwestern city, where her dreams began to be built. Miles gets to stop in from time to time to see her family, friends and to check on what is going on in Boonville.
“ I love my hometown. I am sometimes sad when I come home and see so many of my childhood favorites not there anymore. I have fond memories of walking up and down Main Street that had Wellivers diner, Romes Pizza, my grandparents Rosetta and Bo Jones Lions Park concession stand, Fredas Kitchen (grandma Freda Lewis),  Hirlingers and so many more. I think I purchased my first 45 at Hirlingers. I'm not that old but they were still being sold. I see Boonville building but some of the good old stuff needs to remain,” Miles stated.
Miles has deep appreciation for her family church,  CCBC, Heritage Days, Emancipation Day Weekend, football games and the parades. She said these are the things that bring the community together.
“ I would love to see more of the ARTS be developed for the community. Sometimes being from a small town you feel so far away from the big lights. All we could do was imagine and dream back in the day, but now there are more ways to be connected to the entertainment world,” Miles stated
Miles would one day like to hold workshops to help young people who want to pursue a career in entertainment.
Earlier this year Miles returned home to help provide entertainment during the Heritage Days Weekend.
“It was such and honor to come back home and perform. I look forward to bringing my production show to Thespian Hall or the Boat in the near future,” she added.
As Miles continues her journey, she can’t help but thank those who helped her along the way.
“Thank you to my parents Carmen Jones and Maurice Miles. I've missed many holidays chasing this dream and sacrificed a lot of time from my family so I want to say thank you Jones and Miles family for all your support,” she stated. “Thank you Ms. Janice Bradshaw, my music teacher from sixth grade to Senior year. She surprised me last year by showing up at my show in Las Vegas. She is one of the main people who always told me there was ‘more out there.’ She believed in me when I didn't even know what that meant.”
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She is thankful for all the support she has received from Boonville. It is special to her. It is in the town that she is known more than just Skye, she is known as Dede.