To stay at the forefront of emergency responding techniques, the Cooper County Fire Protection District and the Jamestown Rural Fire Protection District collaborated Grain Bin Entrapment Rescue Training class.

The class was held last week and included an array of scenarios.

“Our firefighters train regularly to make sure we are ready to respond to various types of emergencies,” according to a release from the department.

Much of Central Missouri is considered rural with many farms containing grain bins. These bins sometime pose hazards when working in them.

According to (a farm journal affiliate), these sort of accidents are becoming more common. In 2010, the site reported there were record amount of accidents, partly because of too much moisture.

“The vast majority of grain accidents involve attempts to dislodge crusted grain. In most cases, the farmer is alone, without a rope or harness, and nothing to grab as the descent begins. Extraction can take hours or days if a body is stuck at the bottom of a 50,000 bushel bin,” the site stated. “There is also tremendous danger in grain along a bin wall. The slightest shift can cause a cascade. Wet grain or a leak in the bin top can produce a seemingly solid mass, waiting to collapse.”