The Boonville City Council approved two consent items dealing with the soccer field complex surrounding the Boonville R-1 High School on Monday.

After rethinking the original plan, the City of Boonville will now allow Cody Martin Construction to do all the dirt work on Project Pele. Originally, field seven was going to be excavated by the city itself, but after much thought the city will go ahead and let Cody Martin Construction do that field, which will add not quite $100,000 to the final bill.

In new business, the council is considering temporary street closures for the Festival of Lights in September. The closures will be exactly the same as previous years.

Furthermore, the city heard from Boonville Public Works Director M.L. Cauthon regarding the yard waste site. Last week, Cauthon had to close the waste site because illegal waste was being placed in the site. While only closed for a few days, once the site was opened again, Cauthon found more illegal waste. The site is only open to yard waste, but individuals were placing architectural waste, which prompted the closure. Cauthon said he received many calls from concerned citizens, even ones who told Cauthon they knew who the culprit was. Yet, closing the site did not solve the problem as many residents rely on the site to rid themselves of their unwanted waste left over from storms or cleanup.

Cauthon asked the council for suggestions in dealing with this problem. Placing cameras around the grounds was discussed, but exactly where to place them is another issue as Cauthon needs clear pictures of violators to send to the Boonville Police Department for prosecution.

Cauthon stated he does not want the actions of a few to ruin the opportunities for the citizens of Boonville. Cauthon also wanted to reiterate that just because something was made from a tree, does not mean it can be placed in the yard waste pile. Anything manufactured is considered trash, not yard waste.

The site continues to be opened and monitored for any illegal activity.