The newest face to Cooper County EMA, Dr. John Fortman, spoke to the Boonville City Council last Monday – introducing himself and telling the council about his emergency background.

Both, Fortman and (Cooper County EMA) Larry Oerly, brought the council up-to-speed on the changes and updates at the Cooper County Emergency Management Office. Fortman also wanted to introduce himself in the new role to the council even though many have known him for years as a veterinarian in the Pilot Grove Area. The council was thankful and were receptive to hear of the planning the that the two men had been doing regarding the August 21 Solar Eclipse.  

In further news, the council unanimously approved a new business item awarding Qualite Sports Lighting the bid to provide lighting for the soccer sports complex surrounding the Boonville High School. The bid came in at $864,500, which was cheaper than Musco Lighting at $1,015,000. Musco did produce a bid with 80 foot lights verses 60 foot provided by Qualite. One of the largest price differences between the new companies was the cost of wiring the lights to the transformer. Qualite provided this service for $27,000 while Musco provided this service for $215,000.

Overall, there will be four lights per regular soccer field and five lights per combination field. Six fields will surround the Boonville High School.