It’s hard to imagine what August 21 could be like in town, but Boonville City officials are being told to prepare like a natural disaster will happen. While there will be no disaster event, the traffic chaos alone could make it impossible to travel in Boonville on that Monday.

As reported earlier, the city may double or triple its population during the eclipse as people venture here to see an area that will experience two minutes and 40 seconds of complete darkness since Boonville falls right on the center line.

Boonville will be one of several cities that will have visitors for the occasion that is deemed a once in a lifetime event.

One of the historic natures of this eclipse is that it will only occur in the United States and cut the nation in half. While the entire nation will see a remnant of the eclipse, Boonville is one of the special cities that will experience the full breadth of the event.

Officials recommend that residents get their supplies and groceries early since traffic could be at a standstill during the eclipse. The whole event will last more than two hours – beginning at 11:44 a.m.

More information will be released soon with information detailing some Boonville streets that could be routed certain ways to deal with the excess traffic. This could be the largest gathering in the history of the town if the number of people estimated becomes accurate.