For those who have seen the dirt moving progress around the Boonville R-1 High School may have noticed much of a change in the landscape since April.

Almost daily, Cody Martin Excavating, has been on the scene moving dirt to make room for soccer fields that will serve future generations in the this growing sport.

To make way for this dream, much dirt had to be moved first. The true magnitude of the endeavor may elude those who may not remember the hill to the east of the Boonslick Technical Education Center, which is half gone. Even the location of the former football practice field is much lower.

Contending with rain and large mud puddles has been a constant this season as rains have kept a steady flow of moisture in the area this year.

Boonville R-1 School Superintendent Mark Ficken stated that the only complaint he has received is the amount of dust blowing around the area, which he said was to be expected.

Ficken was very pleased with the progress so far and was very excited about the installation of turf, which could be beginning this month.