Alliance Water Resources, whom the City of Boonville has a water management contract through, shared some good news with Boonville City Administrator Irl Tessendorf in a recent letter.

The letter stated that the city would receive a refund of $36,395.

“This refund is for monies not expensed in the Repair Limit (Budgeted $38,800.00) and Chemical Limit (Budgeted $198,600.00). The 2016/2017 AWR Direct Expenses for the Repair Expenses were $26,902.00 with a limit of $38,800.00 and Chemical Expenses were $174,103.00 with a limit of $198,600.00, resulting in the $36,395.00 refund,” the letter stated.

Alliance gave some reasons for the refund that included lower Atrazine levels in the Missouri River, the water source for Boonville.

“The majority of the refund is from chemicals not purchased this past year due to the lower turbidity and lower than normal Atrazine levels in the Missouri River. Also we changed the chemical feed point for Permanganate resulting in less chemical needed,” the release stated.

Alliance stated in the letter that it enjoys serving the city and the challenge of operating the Water Plant efficiently.

This was not the first time that a refund check has been received.