Dream of new animal shelter is being realized

New hope is becoming new reality as the dream of a new animal shelter in Boonville is within reach.

Just last week, the Isle of Capri Casino donated $20,000 to the project, which made it within $6,000 of a goal needed to begin construction. That goal has almost been achieved as of Monday; as community members began donating in the final stretch of the endeavor. By Tuesday morning, $1,445 has been received while $4,755 has been pledged. These two numbers together exceeded the goal.

With these donated funds, the City of Boonville will be matching its own funds, formally beginning the construction process.

During the last Boonville City Council meeting on Monday, Boonville City Administrator Irl Tessendorf said he was ready to begin planning for the next stage of the project – bringing new hope to animals.

For almost two years, local citizens have been leading an effort to work towards a collective dream of having a better facility for the lovable critters. Currently, a structure at the end of Morgan Street acts as the Boonville City Pound or Boonville Animal Shelter as it is widely known.

“We have received checks from companies and individuals. In addition, we have received gracious memorials from many different people,” Boonville resident Marcey Caldwell said.

Caldwell has been spearheading the effort with several other Boonville residents for some time in making the new shelter possible.

Caldwell was grateful for the community and their efforts.

“This makes me feel incredible. I don’t think words can explain what is getting ready to happen. It is a dream come true for Boonville,” she said. “I have had a great committee, which is what got the ball rolling.”

For Caldwell, it only look a new hope. For future animals, they may receive new hope and new homes in thanks to these efforts of local citizens.