BOONVILLE – Charlie Melkersman of the Central Missouri Cancer Memorial Park gave an update on the park’s current progress. Right now, the park is at a standstill awaiting approval to complete the project.

“CMCMP was on schedule to be completed the first part of November 2016. In fact, we were designing a dedication ceremony that would provide the appropriate message of support and its meaning/legacy,” Melkersman stated.

Melkersman stated the CMCMP and the city had worked through three issues. These decisions included rather or not to fence the park, place a light or not by the Third Street entrance stairs and the design and location of a sign.

“We worked through these three issues by agreeing not to fence it, not to place light by stairs and we redesigned and relocated the sign,” Melkersman stated.

Concerns still arose and a meeting was planned with neighbors who were still concerned with the design.

Neighbors around the CMCMP also voiced concerns at a couple Boonville City Council meetings, overall suggesting they wanted to see a final drawing. Their concerns stemmed from the fact that they felt the design of the park was straying from the original design the city had approved.

“Specifically they did not care for the design, various stones and benches that were to be placed in the park and the stone walls, etc. After this meeting the City put a formal hold on any additional work on the park,” he stated.

Melkersman stated that in mid-December the CMCMP board was presented a detailed action list by the City. This list was composed of items that the city wanted addressed before they would consider allowing additional work up to and completion of  the Cancer Park.

“One of the items requested was a final drawing which could be taken literally in terms of the illustrated scope and features – and that it may be considered full and complete. An earlier drawing was provided to the City but apparently it was not detailed sufficiently,” Melkersman stated. “The City indicated that this ‘action list’ not be intended to be a final ‘punch list’ of items of repair or concern. Other things may arise with more thought, public comment or otherwise.”

According to Melkersman a final drawing has been sent to the city, addressing concerns brought up by the city and neighbors of the cancer park.

This drawing will be displayed so that individuals will be able to see the final look of the park. Melkersman said he intends the park to be a beautiful serene place to honor and celebrate the lives of those struggling or who have lost their battle to cancer.