By now, it should be common knowledge that a complete solar eclipse will bring a spectacular event to the area that has not been seen in the area for hundreds of years on August 21. What may not be common knowledge is how thousands of visitors will be fed and pampered to during the event.

As stated earlier, area organizations are urged to help with this endeavor, which includes selling drinks or food to sustain the amount of people that will arrive during the weekend.

With health rules already in place, a question was asked during the Boonville City Council whether regular citizens would be able to have a lemonade stand or sell bottled water.

Boonville Assistant Administrator Kate Fjell said there will be official vendors at the official viewing places at Kemper Park and at the airport. She did say that there would be no rules against citizens wanting to sale anything. In addition, she said that people could rent out their homes or backyards to house the extra people.

Furthermore, the Boonville City Council urges all resident wanting to sale drinks or food items, to contact the Cooper County Health Department.

Already, several organizations including the Friends of the Library, will be handing out bottled water. Restaurants are expected to be packed along with grocery stores.

Planning continues for the eclipse. For more information, visit