Vandalism has occurred once again at Lions Park and the Boonville Parks Department is asking the community for help in finding the individuals responsible.

“The vandalism happened sometime Saturday or early Sunday morning at the shelter house in Lion's Park.  This is the second time this spring that we have had to replace damaged or destroyed electrical outlets, replace conduit and run new electrical line since April 2017,” Boonville Parks Director Gary Nauman stated. “As a result, we will be removing all the picnic tables, which have also been vandalized, and will no longer take shelter house reservations for Lion's Park.”  

In addition, the restrooms have been subjected to heavy graffiti and they will be locked except for Babe Ruth Softball games.  

“We are asking for any information from the public that may help solve this problem.  We are also reviewing film from the security cameras to see if we can gather information from that.  It is unfortunate that a certain few will damage or destroy public property to the point where we are forced to take this type of action year after year.  My staff and I are having conversations about the future of the skate park at this time.  While I don't lay the blame on the skaters per say, there are young people who come to the park to hang out with the skaters who seem to take great delight in destroying our Park,” Nauman stated.

For further information, contact the parks department at 660-882-7447.