• Tourism brings dollars to the community.
• Residents urged to keep up on current happenings.
• Local residents can help make a traveler's time here memorable.
• Knowing more about the community can help residents answer questions asked by visitors.

Boonville’s tourism season will be hitting its summer climax soon. While the tourism season is all year round, more people visit this historic community in the summer. Local citizens will begin seeing more tour busses driving around the Boonville’s streets in search of what makes Boonville special.

While sights and events can make a traveler happy, it is the local people that add the icing to the cake. Boonville Tourism Director Katie Gibson asks the community to think of yourselves as ambassadors of Boonville.

“I hear occasionally people say, that they have lived here for years, and there is nothing to do here, or that the downtown is empty.  For anyone that would have that state of mind, I would encourage you to get out and spend time exploring Boonville from a visitor’s perspective,” Gibson stated. “There is a lot more to do here than you think, and some relatively new attractions and shops to explore.”  

A visit to the Boonville Visitors Center, located right across from the Katy Depot can shed some light on the things to do right here in the city's center.

“At the new visitor center and River, Rails, and Trails Museum, we often view ourselves as the customer service of our town. Even if you aren’t as familiar with what visitors might be interested in seeing and doing while they are in town, feel free to send them our way, because that is what we are here for,” Gibson added.

The visitors center has become a grand central station for all things Boonville, even for local citizens who visit themselves to see the museum portion of the center.

“We often help give tours around town, make reservations, give out information and maps for Boonville and the surrounding area,” she added.  

Boonville’s appeals may surprise many.

“Part of what makes Boonville so appealing is that we have that small town feeling, but are large enough that there are still several attractions, restaurants and lodging to keep people busy.  To list just some of those attractions, there is Warm Springs Ranch, The Isle of Capri Casino, The Old Jail, historic home tours, Mitchell Antique Motorcar Museum, River Rails and Trails Museum, the Katy Bridge, Hail Ridge Golf Course, the Katy Trail and a historic downtown full of vibrant shops and restaurants,” she added.   

Residents who have moved to Boonville from other places have found the town to be special.

“I fell in love with Boonville, not only because of its history, but I fell in love with its people. It’s the people who make up the town and what it has to offer. I love hearing the stories of yesteryear from its residents. It’s our duty to continue the tradition of keeping what is important and involving with the times while maintaining what makes so special,” Boonville’s Jucyndia Danner said.

Because of Danner’s love for the community, she is now working with Boonville Tourism to help continue its legacy while sharing it with individuals from far and wide.

“I encourage locals to step out of their normal routine and explore all this town has to offer. We have again been named as a one of the nation’s best small towns, and if you really start to explore yourself, you can’t help but to agree,” Gibson stated.