Local residents may have realized a change in the name of Davis Funeral Chapel to Howard Funeral Home. Don’t worry, many of the same friendly faces that you have grown accustomed to are still there, including Chris Howard who now owns the business.
The funeral home, located at 1397 Ashley Road, is one of three Boonville area funeral organizations. Howard served along with former owner John Davis since the opening of the home 13 years ago. It was recently that Howard finalized the sale of the home from Davis.

Howard plans to continue the same excellent service that he provided for many years. The only change, the name. The name Howard Funeral Home, reflects its present owner and his family, parents Dallas and Flo Howard and sister Jennifer (Howard) Dorsey.

The process to finally getting to the point of purchasing was a long one, but one that was rewarding.

“John finally decided that he would retire and this past year I was able to secure the financing,”  Howard said.

Howard’s long term plan includes updating the facility’s audio visual systems along with the facility itself.

“We will also be updating our website and you will be able to leave memorial contributions, view loved ones photos and order flowers, We will be modernizing things,” he said. “I want the public to know that your pre-arranged contracts with Davis Funeral Chapel will be honored with Howard Funeral Home.”

Howard has been in the industry for several years, helping families through their toughest times. “I am a local boy that loves to take care of my community and the people serving this community,” he added.  

Among the friendly faces will be Darrell Harris, Mike Pomajzl, Cheri Franklin, Dallas and Flo Howard, Andrew Arnold, Chris Class and Kerry Webster.