Christy Rehagen was awarded the Boonslick Heartland YMCA Volunteer of the Year Award during their annual meeting on Thursday evening.

YMCA’s Assistant Director Vanessa Dorman gave Rehagen her award in front of a room full of YMCA supporters and staff. Dorman was very supportive of Rehagen and had much to say about this year’s recipient.

“Yes, Christy Rehagen is an employee, but her spirit of volunteerism to take on sub-shifts, new challenges, certifications and responsibilities easily puts her into the volunteer category,” Dorman said. In fact, her volunteerism is so contagious that it rubbed off on her husband, Kyle who ‘volunteered’ to ‘have a look at our timing system to see if he could help figure it out,’ That led to many, many phone calls and emails to the software company until Kyle actually had it figured out. He tried the system out on the Firecracker SK last summer and Kyle and Christy have been timing our races ever since.”

Dorman added that timing a race is much more than showing up with a timing system the morning of the event.

“It starts weeks ahead, emails and phone calls and getting the chips and participants ready for the race at hand. And then focusing on what's happening on your timing system for the duration of the race,” she said.

Rehagen has become an integral part of the YMCA.

“Christy is my right hand man, my jack of all trades and my Johnny on the spot all rolled into one. Becoming Volunteer of the Year has taken countless hours of caring, on both of their parts. They care what happens to the members of the BHYMCA enough to give valuable parts of themselves to help our organization succeed,” Dorman ended.