Cooper County resident Donna Jeffers got the surprise of her year when Central Missouri Community Action awarded her the Volunteer of the Year Award. This distinction only goes to one individuals within the eight county service area of CMCA.

“There were about 15 different people nominated by CMCA staff in all eight counties.  This is the first recipient from Cooper County that I'm aware of. They look for people who are making a positive difference in the lives of the low income community; as well as how many people are served, how many hours the volunteer gives and the type of service they provide,” information from CMCA stated.

Jeffers, who donates her time in the transportation area of CMCA was surprised as she walked in the door to find a cake and guests waiting for her. This surprise was kept quiet in the small Rose Cottage as she made her way across the hall where she was congratulated.

“I am honored to be recognized for what I do, helping people. CMCA is a great organization. I tell everyone that if CMCA cannot help you, they will find someone who can,” Jeffers said after receiving an appreciative applause from CMCA employees.

CMCA’s Executive Director, Darin Preis, was there for the occasion.

“We do this process each year. We take nominations from each of our staff in each county. Our upper leadership decided, which came down to Cooper County,” Preis said. “Community Action was founded on the belief that engaging communities is the way to solve problems, including getting volunteers involved. Donna is a great example of that.”

Jeffers received this honor on February 28.