Missouri Farm Bureau advocates for Missouri’s agriculture industry. The state has a $88.4 billion agriculture industry

Agriculture is a big business in Cooper County. Many should not be surprised that this industry is the driving force that keeps the county alive.

Cooper County Farm Bureau Leaders are applauding a new study released in December that provides the a comprehensive analysis of the economic contribution of Missouri agriculture, including Cooper County. Furthermore, Cooper County is attributed for its diverse agriculture industry.

“Perhaps not surprising, the study confirms that Missouri agriculture is a driving industry in the state with an $88.4 billion economic impact in 2016. Locally, in Cooper County, that impact is just as significant with $147 million in agricultural sales,” a release from Farm Bureau stated.

Missouri Farm Bureau, the Missouri Department of Agriculture and the Missouri Agriculture and Small Business Development Authority teamed up to provide the study that breaks down economic statistics for all of Missouri's 114 counties.  

“Cooper County Farm Bureau leaders are reaching out to promote the important role farmers play in making those numbers a reality. And, the numbers speak for themselves. In this county, agriculture, forestry and related industries are responsible for 1,194 jobs that generated $34 million in labor income in 2016. The value-added more investment in the county, or total sales minus the cost inputs, equals $65.6 million. All of those dollars help create more investments in the area communities. Around $8.3 million in federal, state and local taxes were generated through agriculture for Cooper County alone,” the release stated.

Farm Bureau is quite involved with area farmers, ranchers and any agriculture related business.

“Growing stronger every day, Missouri Farm Bureau (MFB) is the state's most effective organization working to improve the quality of the life for farmers, rural Missouri and all Missourians.  The respect for this organization is reflected in independent public opinion surveys showing MFB to be the state's number one organization with a positive influence on public opinion. Organized at the grass roots, MFB has a local office in every county and a county organization run by local members.  By joining, members become a part of their county Farm Bureau, Missouri Farm Bureau and the American Farm Bureau Federation,” according to Farm Bureau’s website.