Some say it’s better to give than receive. This was very true for one Boonville merchant who could not seem to get into the Christmas spirit until she teamed up with the Boonville High School to give two teachers something unique for Christmas.

Vickie Zeller, owner of Intensive Hair, said she was having a very hard time getting into the Christmas spirit this year.

Earlier in December, students got to choose which teachers they wanted to have a makeover. The teachers that were chosen included Christian Stock and Stephanie Green.

For several days, Zeller and her crew, were busy making sure all details handled, which included purchasing of clothing. In all, Zeller spent more than $500, which was her gift to the students and the two teachers.

“When I contacted Vicky, she said, ‘I will take care of everything,’” BHS Principal Tim Edwards said.

Zeller was thrilled to be a part of this special event, which was called, ‘Teacher, Extreme Makeover Edition.’

“I want to thank you for allowing me to take these two amazing teachers and do what I had to do,” Zeller said.

The students had no idea until a couple minutes later who the two teachers were that won the makeover. But, the wait was short lived as Zeller introduced Stock as he came out across the gym donning a whole new outfit and hair style. Zeller showed a picture of the evening before when Stock came into the salon. Stock also went shopping with Zeller as they picked out brand new cloths for him to wear.

The students were very vocal in their satisfaction, especially when Stock gave Zeller a hug for the work she had done.

Next, Green entered the gym with loud applause and cheers. As in Stock’s case, Zeller did exactly the same thing with Green. Green’s new hair-style and clothing was quickly approved by the student body.

Edwards was very gracious for Zeller and the staff who helped make the assembly a huge success. Being the first year that anything like this had been done, several alumni were excited about the new approach to the assembly.

Once Zeller exited the stage, the students were in store for a wide range of fun as they participated in games and won prizes. The BHS Dance Team entertained and the Chamber Choir sang before the students embarked on their two week Christmas vacation.