Lights, camera and laughs to invade Pilot Grove Saturday

'Lights, Camera, Kansas!' will sure bring laughs in Pilot Grove at the 6 p.m. Dinner Theater on Saturday as members of the community portray an array of characters in this play about Hollywood and a small town in Kansas.
The comedy by Dennis Snee, is about a Hollywood movie actress, Roxy Rogers, who decides to host the 'Ego Awards,' which is similar to the Academy Awards in her hometown of Ragweed, Kansas. Despite all the problems of hosting the biggest awards ceremony in a small town, the show must go on.
The comedy will star many Pilot Grove area residents who will entertain    purpose of raising money for the up-keep and to make future improvements to the Pilot Grove Community Building.
The play stars area residents such as Shannon Twenter, Randy Glenn, Luke Schuster, Chelsea Turner, Earl Haller, Jamie Hein, Velma Lang, Luke Haller, Cherie Singer, Chad and Lori Vollrath, Alexis Stegner, Angelina Hein and Terry Lorenz. Other cast members include, Troy Humphrey, Kara Hoff, Mikala Wesselmen, Brian Fisher, Landon Daniel, Victoria Haller and Paul, Joanne, Greg and Lisa Young. 
Tickets are $20 each and are available at Citizens Community Bank in Pilot Grove, Pilot Grove City Hall and the Pilot Grove Coop. The event is sponsored by the Pilot Grove Community Building Association.