Community shows support for Dane Gregg with prayer and gratitude

Local Pastor Mel Eaton led the more than 150 community members in prayer in support of Dane Gregg, who has been battling cancer. Eaton began the service on Saturday at 7 p.m. in Gregg's yard.
Gregg became known as the 'Voice of the Pirates' since he has been the voice behind 1370 KWRT's newscast of the games for 30 years. Gregg recently resigned from the radio station because of health reasons.
With light provided by the dim flicker of candles, the service began with a prayer by Pastor Eaton and a song, sung especially for Gregg by Bob and Joanie Bosma. Gregg's family stood around him while new-found and life-long friends told Gregg how much he meant to them. Many friends spoke of the impact he made on their lives and the community.
Bob Bosma said the 'Voice of the Pirates' will always be attributed to Gregg since he has been the 'Voice of the Pirates' for 30 years.
Boonville baseball player Dallas Franklin spoke on behalf of the Boonville Pirates giving gratitude for Gregg's service to the school.
The service ended with 'Amazing Grace.'
"It was overwhelming. I continue to be humbled," Gregg said. "I am so proud of this town. They have shown an outpouring of love."
Gregg, along with the community, continues to pray for his condition to improve.
He spent the weekend with family. With love and support Gregg's faith has grown.
"It is in God's hands," he said.