Local youth form 'Loomin' for Leukemia' to help child

BOONVILLE — Just days before her third birthday, Brynna Eads of Boonville was diagnosed with Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia. Since this diagnosis, Eads has continuously been undergoing chemo-therapy. She is the daughter of Matt and Stefani Eads.
"An illness, a disease, however you say it, cancer at any age is unfair, especially for a child. As a parent, when you hear of a child having cancer tears well up in your eyes, your heart sinks to your stomach, which in turn overwhelms you with a nauseous feeling and if only for a split second, you put you feet in another's shoes.  You, as a parent, are in tune with that unconditional love for a child, and you automatically go into over drive on how you can help. Two things happen: you are proud and your faith in the younger generation is restored," wrote Jill Lang whose daughter Zoey Lang decided to join some friends who are helping raise funds for Eads.
An effort was derived, not from grown-ups but from fellow youth to help Eads.
 "We live in Boonville and as I like to call it Smalltown, USA. One person's crisis, become's the community crisis, even if it is your cousin, neighbor, brother, friend, mother or father-in-law. In this case it is a Boonville youth, Abby Fuemmeler, who wanted to make a difference. She got her friends on board to help," Lang said.
Fuemmeler was joined by her friends, Claire Witting, Leah Zeigelbein, Jordyn Fuemmeler and Lang. They created a project called 'Loomin for Leukemia.'
"They are conducting a crafty crusade, which they 'loom' rubber-bands together to make bracelets and pot-holders. All proceeds will be given to benefit Eads," Lang stated.
'Loomin for Leukemia' items are available for purchase at Headlines, located at 1320 Logan's Lake Road. Bracelets are $3 and potholders are $5. An array of colors are available with an emphasis on orange, which is the cancer color for Leukemia and rainbows representing all cancers