Big Muddy BBQ to benefit Hain House building maintenance

For 21 years the Big Muddy Barbecue has been a staple in the Big Muddy Folk Festival, which raises funds to assist in the up-keep and restoration of properties owned by the Friends of Historic Boonville. The barbecue will begin Friday, April 4 and will conclude on Saturday, April 5 at the Turner Hall parking lot.
The first barbecue held served bratwurst, beans and beer near Turner Hall. Terry Smith, who has been volunteering and leading the barbecue since it began, said the crowd over the years has grown immensely.
"As the festival grew, so did the barbecue," Smith said.
Smith said there is a crew that is dedicated each year. Overall, there are 100 volunteers. All meat and ingredients are also purchased in Boonville.
This year, the barbecue will serve country style ribs, bratwurst, beans, pulled pork and slab ribs. New to this year's barbecue, will be the selling of pulled pork by the pound. Macaroni salad and cole slaw will be available as well. Desserts are donated by members of the Friends'. Smith has created a special homemade sauce, which is served at the barbecue.
Smith has been very pleased with the support he and his volunteers have received. Smith said former Friends Director Judy Shields has helped tremendously since she retired as former Executive Director of the Friends of Historic Boonville. Smith said Shields has helped in the kitchen for many years.
"Dave Para and Cathy Barton have been very supportive in making sure guests eat barbecue and support the Friends during the festival," Smith said.
According to Smith, volunteers of the barbecue try to accommodate the guests, which includes providing generous proportions.
"We do not want anyone to go hungry," Smith said.
During the barbecue, musicians will come out and provide music for individuals enjoying barbecue.
The cooking will begin on the Thursday before the festival and will continue for three days straight, sun-up to sun-down.
"It takes a lot of preparation," Smith said.
The main focus for this year's funds will include restoring the windows of the Hain House, which was constructed in the 1830s. Funds will also be used to pay for utility costs, especially at Thespian Hall.
Tickets for the barbecue are $10 each, and can be purchased at the Friends office located in the Old Cooper County Jail on Morgan Street or at Family Shoe Store in downtown. Tickets can also be purchased at the barbecue.  
A lunch special will be available Friday, which includes a meat, a side and a drink for $5.50. Meals can be delivered between 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Friday. There are no limits on how many meals can be ordered. Business are encouraged to order as many meals as they need which can be delivered in the allowed time.