Council hears update on economic development

The Boonville City Council heard an update from Jim Gann regarding surveys he has sent out seeking information on the needs of the economic development of Cooper County at the Monday evening Boonville City Council meeting.
Gann asnwered a question regarding an issue that was brought up at the last council meeting two weeks ago regarding an agreement between State Fair Community College and the City of Boonville on the development of Science Hall.
“State Fair has not entered into a lease. This is an instance where two governmental bodies have agreed to have a dance together and work together on a project. Being a former landlord I understand the concerns brought up at the previous meeting,” Gann said. “A lease is premature at this moment because  we have not entered into any phase of design documents to make sure both parties needs are met. We have started this process already.”
Gann plans to address these subjects with State Fair officials next week at a meeting.
Gann also updated the council on two surveys given to Cooper County and Boonville officials.
“Our findings indicate there was a commonality in our findings. It did not surprise me because I know you are looking to the Industry Development Authority (IDA) for direction,” Gann said. “Thoughts ranged from tourism to a bedroom community.”
As many as 86 business owners responded to a survey sent by Gann as well determining their needs in economic development.
“They mirrored the comments from your (governmental) comments regarding the needs and wants of the community,” Gann said.
In further news, Chuckie Dalton, a student of Central Missouri Community Action's PhotoVoice program addressed the council with his thoughts and experiences during the eight-week-long course.
“It was really fun to take pictures of things,” Dalton said.
Dalton explained to the council some of his photos and why he took them.
PhotoVoice was a program geared towards middle school students and their perspective of what needs to change in the community and world.