Hannah Cole challenges their principal to kiss pig

Hannah Cole Primary students well exceeded a goal of $6,000 for their “Hog Wild for Reading” read-a-thon program. In fact, the students raised more than $9,000 and for that achievement, they got to witness Hannah Cole Primary Principal Leslie Reardon kiss a pig in front of the entire school on Friday.
At 2 p.m., all eyes were on Reardon as she geared up to kiss a pig at the school assembly. Her eyes were blindfolded so she could not see the animal she was about to kiss.  
The assembly was a lot of fun. Kissing a pig is something I will never forget and I hope will be a fond memory of the students at Hannah Cole," Reardon said.
The memory would not have been made possible for Reardon if it was not for the reading effort made by the students of the school.
"The Read-A-Thon exceeded our expectations as the kids read over 88,000 minutes.  We were so excited to see the amount of effort our kids put into raising money for iPads.  Our goal was $6,000 and the kids alone raised $5400.  The community sponsors contributed more $3,600 making the total raised more than $9,000," Reardon said.
Olivia Wadeen, a second grader, raised $400 and won the iPad mini. Wadeen gave her mother January a hug after she won the iPad.